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I admit I took an interest

in the man you love;


whether he is older or younger,

taller, shorter,

charming enough, etc.


and though I am no witness,

I am not wholly devoid of


some idea that he pleases you

so that’s enough.


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If you live like a corpse,

ready to pass on with the leaves,

you will not be disappointed.


give me my heart back and I’ll do it.

still can’t tear myself away from one thought of you.


just a greedy fool who wants more than he deserves.


Denver, Colorado

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fourteen years from now

if we are still alive

I hope I am deserving of your

outstanding love.

Your puppy is licking my tears off. She is

a great dog.

It’s hard to feel good when your body

is a cell

which keeps your joy in and locks your love out.


In fourteen years if we are still alive,


I hope I am free and you are free

and we are free together with real love


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if we married in the fall,

would you wear a white dress?


or red, like so many Chinese wives

now turned ancient dusty skeletons?


i don’t worry,

i know you know how to dress better than anybody.


like when you wore your hair up with the handkerchief

or that special dress like the inside

of a box of candy

and, leaving onwards

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though grounded by

surrounding towers I,

struck by some lonesome eye


(oldish by the sea of night

borrowed in some time)


that old voice had not changed

much by the hearing ear

could call still shrilly in the din

no title

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it is not as if i miss you;

for what a fleeting thing is loneliness,

but is as the moments we missed

because of well whatever

are lost and gone; and it is them

i miss, i miss dearly

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November’s love came crisp and cold,

a Hudson breeze blowing leaves

across the stones of the old road-


clear as the jewels of your visage,

which somehow, just as I froze,

made me warm again, like coffee

with no cream, like the exultant

removal of the coat and hat, the cold

air there and gone but here


you chase the chill away and leave

only a dark autumn evening,

sequestered from starlight,

transient and timeless