off, then( to a future i, little i,
see twisting sudden sparks together
and cannot stop the trade
dear sir, one for another- from adoration
to kisses sweet, which from springtime
lay to winter’s end, a dash along rocks and drmmng
deeper than the stay of no-more king)

to meet( a silent hallow, saved one day
by kisses turned to burning
and bile rising up to meet
a springtime ne’er returning I
which mirrored in loving rush-
too fast, too much, too soon,
as always, burn life like a candle through the night.)

music.( music in rhyme,
in riddle, too, which asks
misery, have you sired anew
through glorious bass which killed
all thought but notes returning fifth
and diminished hope for happy-ever)
after, though, we see the Lover forged
from stars and shadows of his home
to find the Loved across the sky(and
diminish strength and free the hex)

(this is part of a longer, 12 part poem I plan on publishing in its entirety at some other point. If you’d like to read it, send me an email or comment)


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  1. would like to see more

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