It’s November. Time flies, especially when you feel like you’re flinging it away.

I’m getting out of competitive video gaming, a little. At least the competitive part. Now I’m going to relax, which means for you, dear reader, more poems, and for me more cello and more books.

Aren’t you lucky.

But then, I suppose, so am I. It feels like I’m a child again, not so much a brain dead adult. I thank nanowrimo. My story is about humans and men and women and god and light. And monsters. Big ones.

I love it. I’ve written more for it than I’ve ever written in my life, and it’s bracing.
I will get back on my daily schedule. I’m sure of it. I want nothing more than that.

Gadzooks, it’s become a habit to push enter and tab. Not habit. Instinct. Hsade.
You don’t know that word yet, but you will.

Still trying to think of my title.

November might be my favorite month. But I love October, too. Sad to see it go. Autumn is the best. It’s getting cold in the forest by the lake.

I won’t lie by saying I’m alright- I’m going through a lot of things. Things are culminating. My energy is all over the place. I don’t have a lot of time left for youthful self-discovery.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it’s bled into everything you do? That it keeps you up at night?
I’m sick of wanting and waiting.

Here’s my poem.

twist like sssssatu
rn and i’ll be your star-
a pinprick to run you through and admire everything you do

my, how i long for your arms and legs-
extremities that couldn’t grasp my soul

but somehow you have
and to i prided myself on being uncatchable
as a star

This is huge for me. I’m ecstatic. It may not seem like much, but this little corner of the internet holds a lot of history for me. Thank you for sticking with me as long as you have! Here’s to 200 more!


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