song of summer

i almost forgot you forgot my name, that summer night when i thought

it would all be ‘okay’ and it would all ‘work out’ and,

as the electric air tickled me, as the summer blew kisses

i turned away: i am the winter of life, you see

i didn’t kiss summer


but i do not tell stories. this is all you will get out of me-


how summer heat is hell, this hell of summer heat and sweat

is oppressive, a brutal regime complete with headlines



and i’ll read them and laugh,

and i’ll pretend nothing is wrong, that it will all




still i think of your cold room, still i think of winter breezes

a lifetime ago, the bloody drink you’d leave on my desk-

or that time we stood together in the den of spring not touching

just holding




your handstands, my smile, 

memories blow kisses but i turned away

i am presently alive, you see


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